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About the studio

Top Graffiti - is an art design team that brings together professionals in their field. Since 2016, we have specialized in commercial murals for businesses and municipal decorations, helping to rethink the surrounding space and turn featureless gray buildings into local attractions.

Over the years, we have completed more than 220 projects with a total area of 9700 m2. We have gained experience working with complex tasks and well-known clients, including: Rostelecom, BMW, Lukoil, Magnit, M. Video, ColiZeum, CyberX, Rosseti, etc. Customers note our organization of work and the fact that in 90% we perform work faster than the deadline specified in the contract.
no more gray walls, there will be art!

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  • 1. Accuracy of execution
    No " I see it that way." Maximum correspondence between the sketch and the actual work.
    To transfer the image, use the projector.
  • 2. Speed
    Your project will be carried out by a team of professionals with many years of experience. In 90% of cases, we complete the work faster than the deadline.
  • 3. Warranty from 3 years
    We strictly follow the technology and use MTN 94 paint, which retains its original appearance and saturation for many years. If necessary, we wash, prime and varnish.
  • 4. Trust
    We work as sole proprietors with legal entities and individuals. The price, terms, warranty and other key points are specified in the contract. We work carefully, leaving behind cleanliness.
  • 5. Tools
    Your own paint warehouse, office, equipment, and utility tools all help you focus on getting your work done, rather than wasting your time and energy on organizational tasks.
  • 6. Mobility
    We have already worked in 32 Russian cities. We coordinate all the details remotely and come with the team to complete them. No extra charges for distance.
Prices per 1 m2
* The cost may be increased due to the low volume of work, rental of the lift and urgency
Level 1
  • Simple drawings
  • A small number of colors
  • Silhouette images
  • Abstractions
  • Text
1200 - 2000 ₽/м²
Level 2
2000 - 3500 ₽/м²
  • Level 1 +
  • Any number of colors
  • Landscapes
  • Cars
  • Characters
Level 3
3500 - 5000 ₽/м²
  • Level 2 +
  • Maximum detail
  • Complex architecture
  • Realistic portraits
  • 3D illusions

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There are no more gray walls, there will be art!
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